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Call within 10 days of your arrest to save your license.

If you have been arrested for DUI or any other traffic violation, be sure to contact us as quickly as possible because you only have 10 days to request a hearing. This will help to prevent suspension of your license.


If you are an immigrant without a license, your immigration status could be affected.

DUI services:

 • Out-of-state DUI

 • DUI motion hearings

 • DUI trials

 • DUI sentencing

 • DUI and drugs

 • DUI arraignments

Fight to save your license:

 • DUI

 • DUI accidents

 • Felony DUIs

 • Multiple DUI offenses

 • First time DUI

 • DUI arrests

Set up your DUI or traffic law consultation today:



Please call for a consultation to review your case.

* Prior success does not guarantee the same results in your case.


If you are about to be stopped at a road block in Georgia, these steps could possible save you from a DUI conviction 


  • Have license and insurance ready. (If stopped and it looks like you are fumbling around for these items, it will be used against you).

  • Do not say much. You are most likely not going to talk your way out of it. (The more you speak the better the change that you may slur or fumble your words).

  • Do not take field sobriety test. These are voluntary. (Such as balance on one leg, walk and turn, Nystagmus test - pen with eyes following, and Alco-Selsor). You can refuse these tests.

  • Ask officer or trooper if you are under arrest and then state to the officer or trooper that you will take the Intoxilyzer test at the police station or hospital. In addition tell the officer or trooper that you want a blood test and that you will pay for it. (The Officer or trooper has to accomodate you unless there are extreme circumstances.)

  • Contact Attorney Alan M. Shenberg at 404-325-0062, right away after arrest. (If officer filled out a DPS 1205 form then you may lose your license automatically after 30 days if you do not request a hearing within 10 days. (IF you refuse to take all tests that the officer or trooper chooses (Intoxilyzer, or Urine, or Blood) then there will not be permitted to drive back and forth to work or school).


There is case law to back the steps given above. This advertisement does not guarantee a positive outcome if you are arrested but could possible help.


If there are any questions, please contact me by calling me @ 404-325-0062 or emailing me at amshenberg@lawyer.com


Remember, if you are in doubt of whether you are able to drive or not due to alcohol intoxication; please take a cab ride back home.

Founding partner Alan Shenberg was an Atlanta police officer, so he is well acquainted with criminal law.